Why skipping meals will make you GAIN weight

I know I've been guilty of this action before. I ate so much the night before, I'm just going to skip breakfast to make myself feel better. Another one I hear all the time is someone is trying to lose weight so they eat 800 calories worth in 3 meals. Or lastly, that famous excuse, "I don't have time for breakfast". Well sadly you are doing yourself a disservice if you are eating anything less than 5 times a day. On top of being hungry, low energy, and grumpiness, you are really hindering your body.

First off, You are causing your metabolism to slow down. Nobody wants that! Your body is use to working all day long, but when you skip those meals your digestive system isn't able to do its job. Your body will immediately go into starvation mode, latches onto any food you eat, and it becomes very difficult to burn it off. Thus causing weight gain. 

You also put yourself at risk for binge eating and overeating. Raise your hand if you didn't have time to eat all day and then came home for dinner and ate everything in sight. You can also risk overeating when your body is so short on nutrients and calories. You'll sit down at dinner and not know when to stop. Again, causing weight gain. 

To some people eating 5 times a day may seem extreme, but remember these aren't large meals. For best results in weight loss/maintenance you are eating portioned, consistent meals through out the day to keep your metabolism firing. Another huge benefit is noticeable change in increased energy levels. Your body and brain will function exponentially better when you are fueling your body all day long! So make sure to fuel your body and nourish your soul!

Here is an example of what my days look like: