3-Day Refresh Review

Personally I have never been one for cleanses. Refreshing my body of toxins has always been appealing, but because I’m such a foodie I couldn’t see myself only drinking juices for 3 days. That’s why when I researched the 3 day refresh, I had to get my hands on it!

First off, the 3-Day Refresh is designed for an individual who wants to get started – or to get back on track – with a fitness and health regimen. The 3-Day Refresh helps restore energy and vitality while erasing toxins and cravings. It is not meant for nor was I using it for weight loss results. During the month of January I had fallen into a rut. I had finished P90x3, but put off starting a new fitness program. I had became bored with my workouts and wasn’t on point with my nutrition like I had prior months. Lastly I had just completed a weekend of partying for two friend's birthdays. Carbs and sugar overload. I needed a refresh button asap! Before I started my new fitness program I decided to wash away the month of January's toxins, and thus I started the 3-day refresh!

What a day looked like:

They make it incredibly easy to follow. Each day you will have: 1 Shakeology, 2 caffeine free teas (optional), 1 Fiber Sweep drink, 2 Vanilla Fresh Shakes, 2 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruit, 2 healthy fats, dinner (recipes in book) which include a few servings of vegetables. In addition to that you will also be drinking a ton of water all day! Say what? That’s considered a cleanse? YES it is!!

Day 1:

To be honest day 1 was probably the toughest day for me. I woke up and all I wanted was my usual cup of coffee. Although they don’t recommend it, they say you can have black coffee. But if I was going to do this refresh I vowed to cut coffee out. Almost every review I read online there were complaints on Fiber Sweep, yet I didn’t really mind it because I just chugged it. The fiber sweep does gel up if you let it sit, so drink it fast and you’re done. I really enjoyed the simple dinner recipes. The first thing I noticed when I finished day one was that I never felt deprived or hungry during the day. Although looking at myself physically I was a little worried. I was more bloated than when I started in the morning. Maybe this wasn’t for me?


Day 2:

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my bloating was completely gone. I had lost 2.5 pounds and I didn’t crave coffee! Ok ok maybe I’ll give it ago another two days ;) Day 2 went the same as day 1. Although it was tough watching my boyfriend eat pizza. I craved carbs at the end of the night so I drank caffeine free chamomile tea, which did the job. Again at the end of the day I was back to being bloated, so I’m guessing that’s just how my body reacted to all the extra fiber consumption.

Day 3:

Same results as day 1, my bloating was gone and I had lost 1.5 lbs. Again, I had no struggle through out the day and this time I had no carb cravings at the end of the night!

Final Results and Thoughts:

I lost 4 lbs and 2 inches around my hips. In the picture above (look at the green waistline of my spandex shorts) you can see the refresh decreased my overall bloating. After the weekend filled with carbs and sugars, I was incredibly excited to see that it had eliminated all those toxins that had caused the bloating. Finally, day 4 came and my coffee and sugar cravings have dissipated. The results were HUGE motivators to keep up my nutrition as I entered my new fitness program. If you have found yourself off track or you are just beginning a healthy journey I recommend it as a little boost!

My Meal Plan: