2016 Fitness Must Haves

Success is the theme for 2016! These are all items that are getting me excited about fitness this year. So I want to share the perfect items that are going to kickstart your fitness journey too! (titles are clickable links)

1.     Kodiak Power Cakes

I’m sure you’ve been down the road of making your own protein pancakes with bananas, protein powders, and eggs. These are WAY better. They have the same fluffiness and are just as filling as are regular pancake. With 14g of protein and 190 calories in 2 pancakes, these are no regular pancake. Found at Target and Costco.

2.  OPTP Black Axis Firm Foam Roller

This professional foam roller gets the job done. I personally own this piece of equipment, and taught my foam rolling classes with it! Why is it better than others? It is high density and is known for being long lasting. It wicks away sweat, where many foam rollers absorb sweat and disintegrate over time. 

3.  Portion Containers

One of the best ways to get started or to get back on track with a fitness and health regimen. You can eat healthy day in and day out, but if you are overeating or undereating on a food source it can totally mess up all your hard work! These color coded portion containers take the guess work out of nutrition! 

4.  Oster Blend-n-go blender

Whether you are headed out the door to work or the gym, making your shake or smoothie won’t slow you down. With the all in one bottle feature, there’s no extra dishes to wash. I mean it’s a win-win! All you do is screw the blade onto the bottle, blend, and then switch the blade with the lid. Bam! You’re done!

5.  Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer

Bubye pasta carbs, hello zoodles (zucchini noodles). This one has changed the nutrition game for me. I have a serious weakness for pasta and this gadget has saved the day. It creates zucchini noodles that look and taste EXACTLY like real noodles.

6.  Nike Sports bras

This is one category you just don’t want to go cheap in. Nike does an incredible job designing a highly supportive and fashionable sports bra! They create different types of sportsbras for an assortment of body types.

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