Why “I’m on a Diet” Should Not be in Your Vocabulary

As a public figure teaching health and wellness I want to be an open book to my followers, I don’t want to portray something that I’m not. I’m not over here eating like a rabbit and no one is taking away my wine and coffee. You want to know why? Because then I’d be on a diet…. And I’d be MISERABLE.

"Dieting is easy. It’s like riding a bike. And the bike’s on fire. And the ground’s on fire. And everything’s on fire because you’re in hell.”

If you follow my posts or have been in any of my challenge groups, you’ll often hear me say- “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”. So I’ll give you a more in depth explanation on the difference between living a healthy lifestyle vs. dieting.

All to often I’ve seen people find the “perfect diet”. Why is it perfect? Because every hot celebrity is doing it right now… DUH. You start reading through the first chapter of the diet book and it sounds easy enough. You only have to give up everything but fruits and veggies, hmmm yeah, totally realistic. Since you're cutting out most of your food source you don’t workout, due to being in a complete brain fog by 3 pm. Fun! You start turning down happy hours and basically avoid all human contact because you might be tempted to eat off a stranger’s plate at the table next to you. Week 3 comes along and you realize you’ve completely changed your life for this silly diet. You also may or may not be seeing a mirage of dancing pizza slices. Cue the breakdown! Suddenly you wake up with a bag of empty Reeses cups on your chest, and you officially give up hope. Even if you are strict and survive all the weeks of hell, when you implement real food back into your life your body will latch onto everything you’ve been depriving it. Thus the weight gain begins again. Dieting is a vicious cycle.

Life is all about balance. We need exercise and dense nutrition to function normally. Having the ability to eat the foods you love in moderation five times a day is what’s called a lifestyle. Being able to enjoy a cocktail with a friend without guilt is a lifestyle. Living without hunger, stress, and exhaustion is a lifestyle. Lastly, remember that creating a new lifestyle is not a sprint, but a marathon. So don’t push yourself into unrealistic situations of eating! join me and other challengers starting on January 5th for a 30 day challenge group! We will be eating 5 times a day, working out 30 minutes each day, and enjoying our lives!

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