P90X3 Review

At the end of this month I can proudly say I will be finished with the P90x3 program! WOW! Honestly I want to thank you all, without you I'm not sure I would have followed through to the end. I publicly stated on facebook, instagram, and my website that I was beginning this journey... can you say PRESSURE? Knowing that all of you have been watching and seeing my daily posts was holding me accountable to my word. After that move, there was no way I could quit! I would also like to say thank you to my challengers the past few months. No one is as inspiring as you folks! I expected a lot from you, and I'm glad you did the same for me. We struggled together, we grew together, we failed together, and we succeeded together!

So onto my review. P90x3 was created to deliver extreme results in 90 days, and oh man did it deliver! I was a chronic elliptical/treadmill user, so I had majorly plateaued. But I also considered myself to still be in pretty good shape. After the first two days I was sore in places that I didn't even know were possible. P90x3 is set up that you repeat 6 routines for 3 weeks, so it was really incredible to hit week 3  and do the same moves that I had done in week 1. The strength that I had built in just a matter of 2 weeks was insane! week 1 I was falling on my face with a lot of the moves, and week 3 I had become a completely different person who had core strength, balance, and endurance. 

My body was also physically changing. I've always struggled with weight gain in my love handles, and in my hips . No matter the minutes on my treadmill, those areas weren't changing. By week 5 I had finally lost inches around my hips and no more muffin top in my jeans!

Being an athletic trainer and an injury prevention specialist my favorite part about P90x3 was Tony being very adamant about doing the movements CORRECTLY. In a lot of exercise classes and other lifting sports, instructors tend to choose what I like to say "quantity over quality" sometimes it becomes the act of speed or weight instead of the importance of doing the exercise correctly. Because Tony made sure I was firing my glutes correctly instead of overusing my quads, I was finally seeing toning in areas I had never seen before. 

Overall if you are looking for extreme results and are ready to push yourself really hard, this program is for you. But you need to be in the mindset of being consistent, having the willingness to work really hard for 30 minutes, and ready to commit to a new lifestyle!!

If you are ready to commit to this program or any others that I have up my sleeve, fill out my January 4th challenge group application!

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