Make 2016 YOUR YEAR. I have big goals and I’m sure you do too! Whether it is personal development, health, confidence, nutrition, or time management, my boot camps encompass the WHOLE person and not just reaching for the physical outcomes.

During the holidays we tend to put things that are important to us on the back burner. But now that the Christmas season is over, we have no excuses to hide behind. There is never a right time or a right place, so it’s time for you to step up to the plate and put yourself first! I know it can be really scary! You’ve tried before… and you’ve failed before, but in my boot camps I have seen more people succeed than fail! So what makes this time different?

I am going to ask you your WHY, and I will remind you every single week why you started this journey. I’m going to hold you accountable each and every day. You will most likely give me excuses and I will find you solutions. You will be asked to participate and interact with people who are going through the same exact thing. You will make long lasting friendships and accountability partners who will be by your side the entire way. There will be days where you WILL fail, but you will brush yourself off and move forward. You will find success because you are following my nutrition plan.  Your mind and soul will find new clarity on life. Lastly, You will find your force and you will be unstoppable!

You will receive from me:

1.     A daily 30 minute fitness program.

2.     Sample meal plans and recipes that will keep you on track.

3.     Daily tips that will help you understand nutrition.

4.     Accountability that will make sure you reaching your goals.

To enter the January 4, 2016 "New Year, New You" bootcamp, please fill out the application below.

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