Survival of the FITtest: Holiday Edition

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and then all the Christmas craziness commences. We’re traveling, eating out, and going to an absurd amount of social gatherings. Most people will toss their health aside and just say, “I’ll start back up in the new year”, but why ruin all the hard work you did in 2015?

Ultimately, it comes down to survival of the fittest (get it? pun intended!).  No you don’t have to decline party invites, you don’t have to stop celebrating, and you don’t even need to avoid drinking. The biggest key to survival is MODERATION.

Let’s knock out the biggest obstacle first, holiday parties.

  •  Just because you’re bringing a dish to your next social gathering doesn’t mean it needs to be smothered in chocolate or stuffed with starch. Be the one to bring a veggie platter! For more creative ideas, there is an assortment of side dish recipes at

  • Next, don’t revolve the party around food. STEP AWAY FROM THE TABLE. You don’t need to stand around the food socializing all night.
  • Make an alcoholic drink off my drink recipes category; you can still have festive cocktails without all the calories.
  • Lastly, Eat before you go! Drink your shakeology or have your dinner before heading to the party. You will not be exiled if you don’t eat at the party. No one will probably even notice.


Social Gatherings at Restaurants. Your friends will notice if you’re not eating so please or order at the dinner table just be conscience while doing it.

  • Eat a cup of raw veggies before you leave home. This snack is a perfect small filler so you wont be ravenous and order something you’ll regret.
  •  Look at the menu before you go and stick with what you pick. That way you won’t feel the urge to choose something on a whim.
  • Substitute fries for salad, easy!
  • Order grilled, baked, or steamed. Stay away from breaded, sautéed, or fried.

Are you ready for more tips on holiday survival join my free 21-day challenge group “Giving the Gift of Health” starting November 30th!

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