How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling: My Personal Experience

Just because you are on the road and out of your comfort zone does not mean you toss your routine aside. Ultimately successful healthy traveling comes down to motivation and priorities.

I personally define the word “vacation” as choosing to do WHATEVER YOU WANT with no regret. At no point during your traveling should you feel forced into saying no to splurging and fulfilling cravings. I can proudly say I was able to manage my healthy lifestyle during my stay and still have an unforgettable trip in Mexico.

Rewind to a week and a half ago, before I even arrived at my destination. It began with packing snacks for the six-hour plane ride. Not only did I avoid the big airport price tags, but also I was eating like a queen while everyone else ate their three peanuts. I saw all of row 24 eyeing my carrots and hummus. Jealous much?

Upon my arrival to the beautiful resort in Playa del Carmen, my biggest challenge was going to be the all-inclusive drinks and food…. yeah, UNLIMITED AMOUNTS. So how did I conquer never-ending starches and pina coladas? Moderation was my vacation motto. My first drink of the day was a fruity umbrella drink and then I switched over vodka soda and lime for the rest of the time. After just one sweet cocktail my sugary cravings were gone for the remainder of the day.


When it came down to the dinner buffet I still fulfilled my appetite while staying away from mounds of pasta and bread. I searched for the steak fajitas, grilled chicken, corn tortillas, and fresh salsa. My mouth is salivating while I’m typing this blog! I was able to enjoy the authentic Mexican food and drinks without overindulging myself to guilt. Remember vacation is doing whatever you want with no regret!

Now when I told my fellow vacation friends I was going to workout everyday, they laughed at me. But little did they know, I wasn’t going to spend my day at the gym. I strategically planned to kill two birds with one stone. I spent my mornings in the pool participating in aquacise and afternoons playing beach volleyball. I swapped my workout gear for my bikini to paddle board (holy core workout) and traded in my tennis shoes for snorkel flippers. At no point during my week away did I feel I was denying myself of vacation pleasures.

In the end my two tips for you are MODERATION and PLANNING. Check out restaurant menus ahead of time and book activities.  If you fail to plan for your trip, you are planning to fail!  Do the best you can and have fun. Don’t feel guilty for your crazy nights with friends. Just get back on track as soon as possible so you don’t lose momentum you’ve built up.