Kicking That Post Halloween Candy Withdrawal

Who else can’t get Halloween candy off their mind? GIVE ME THOSE REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. Trust me when I say this, kick those cravings before it worsens and becomes a habit! So… how do you settle those nasty sugar withdrawals?

First things first, toss it ALL in a bag and get rid of it! If you don’t feel right throwing it away there are many local dentists who actually trade cash for candy with the kids. Brilliant idea!

Now that the candy is gone, the sugar cravings can still drive you to indulge in other forms of sugar. So the fight is not over yet! This is when eating a balanced diet of 5 meals a day comes in handy. If you are consuming the recommended amount of proteins and fats, your body will feel full until you go to bed at night.

HYDRATE! Keep a water bottle by your side this week. You want to be drinking half your body weight in ounces. Dehydration is your enemy as it can generate the urge for a quick-pick-me-up that’s processed and filled with sugar.

Avoid eating more than one serving a day of fruit this week. Fruit is very high in sugar, so even though it is natural sugar it will still affect those sugar cravings negatively.

Flavored tea is my number one go to. It goes along with hydration, but you can purchase sweet flavors, such as pumpkin chai, which will satisfy that sweet tooth.

Lastly, go for a walk. The second you feel that sugar urge, grab a dog or a friend and go for a walk. The sugar withdrawals will pass! Just remember, you can do anything you put your mind to!