How to Feed your Picky Eater, While Still Thinking of Yourself

These have been the most popular questions since I started my business. Will my loved one like the meal plan food? Can I get my children to eat it? Does it actually taste good?! Of course you want to eat healthier, but if the recipe isn’t a success at the dinner table, it’s not happening!! I have also found with my own counterpart here at home, he’s generally scared of healthy foods because he seldom has eaten them. So my ultimate advice to you is to start out slow, be sneaky, and don’t become a victim of cardboard tasting recipes!

First of all, you need to forget the myth that healthy food tastes less wonderful than unhealthy food!! It’s not true. Second of all, you don’t have to become the health police and throw away your whole kitchen. That’s when you see resistance from your other half.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint, so you want to make small and simple changes. Here are a few easy steps to satisfy your picky eater.

1. Mix what they ALREADY like with new healthy food. He loves tacos. So I substituted ground beef with 99% lean ground turkey. For myself I use lettuce as a shell while he uses a tortilla. {recipe on my “dinner” page}

2. Keep track of the healthy foods they like and ROLL WITH IT. Wait…you like broccoli? Bring on the broccoli filled recipes!

3. Don’t ask and don’t give them DETAILS! I quickly realized when I asked what he wanted for dinner, it wasn’t going to be a healthy option. Also when I told him early in the day what was being made, he had too much time to think about the reasons why he wasn’t going to like the meal.

4. Sometimes the LESS they know the better. “Honey, want chocolate chip cookie dough? I’m in a baking mood.” Little did he know, there was no eggs, sugar, or flour…. Oh and they are made with chickpeas. He loved them! HAHA gotcha! I still don’t think he knows.

5. Healthy is FUN! Explain to them that life is about balance. It doesn’t mean the ice cream treats are gone forever, or pizza dates are a no no. You can enjoy both!