Tips to Healthy Eating Success: How to win the Nutrition game

I can’t count how many times people have said “I WANT to eat healthy, I just don’t know where to start!” “What’s a complex carb?” “How many times a day should I be eating?” “I’ve taught myself to skip breakfast, so I eat less.” You are not alone, and you are not expected to know all the answers!

Listed below is a general rule of thumb

  1. Eat more- eat 5-6 small meals each day.
  2. Eat breakfast every day, within an hour of rising.

  3. Eat a combination of lean protein and complex carbs at each meal

  4. Eat sufficient (two to three servings) healthy fats every day.

  5. Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

  6. Adhere to proper portion sizes.



What to Avoid:

  1. Avoid all over-processed foods, particularly white flour and sugar.
  2. Avoid all chemically charged foods.
  3. Avoid foods containing preservatives.
  4. Avoid artificial sugars.
  5. Avoid artificial foods such as processed cheese slices.
  6. Avoid saturated and trans fats.
  7. Avoid sugar loaded beverages, including colas and juices.
  8. Avoid or do your best to limit alcohol intake.
  9. Avoid all calorie dense foods containing little or no nutritional value. I call these anti-foods.
  10. Avoid super sizing your meals.


Complex Carbohydrates from Fruit and Vegetables:

6 portions each day. A portion is:

  • 1 cupped handful or a piece of fruit such as berries, grapefruit, melon, apples and mangoes.
  • Be careful with fruit, because it tends to be high in sugar!
  • 2 cupped handfuls of vegetables including broth based/vegetable puree soups.


Complex Carbohydrates from whole grains and starchy carbohydrates: 

2-4 portions each day. A portion is:

  • 1 handful of cooked cereal such as steel cut oats

  • 1 piece of whole grain bread or wrap (Sante Fe tortilla wraps from Costco are a great option)
  • 1 handful sized serving of sweet potato, yam, banana, corn, carrots or squash

Lean Protein

5 portions each day. A portion is:

  • 1 cup or handful of dairy products such as low fat soy, almond, hemp, rice, or skim milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt cheese or plain fat free sugar free yogurt.

  • 1 scant handful of raw, unsalted nuts (also a healthy fat)
  • 2 tablespoons of all natural nut butters such as almond or peanut butter (also a healthy fat).
  • 1 palm sized portion of lean meats
  • good quality, sugar- and chemical- free protein powder (hemp, soy or whey).



2-3 liters per day of fresh water with no sodium

  • Clear herbal tea (unsweetened)
  • Black coffee in moderation
  • Green/Black tea


Sweeteners: Use in moderation. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners.

  • Maple Sugar Flakes
  • Rapadura Sugar
  • Agave Nectar