Creating the Best Weekly Meal Plan

Time to show your upcoming week who’s boss! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of planning and prepping. At first the meal planning process can be a little daunting, but after a few meal plans I guarantee that you will be a planning pro!

Meal plan templates can easily be created on Microsoft word (or you can just download mine!). Print a stack of copies and save them in your office or kitchen space. PICK a day to plan and stick with it! For example, I sit down and write out my meals on Friday morning, grocery shop on Friday afternoon, and meal prep on Sunday!

Calculating your calories is very important before you begin recipe searching. When you finally know your recommended daily calorie intake, you’ll be able to pick and choose recipes that fit into your new lifestyle.

Veggies, proteins, fruits, carbs/starches, and fats…. You need ‘em all! Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and that directly correlates with your plate. Thank god you have 5 meals to fit them all in. YES, FIVE MEALS! How exciting is that?? You need to keep that metabolism thriving through the day by eating every 2 ½ to 3 hours. For advice on how much of each you should be eating check out my blog: Tips to Healthy Eating Success: How to win the Nutrition Game.

The Internet can be your friend or enemy. Be careful when searching “healthy recipes.” A bunch of sites and blogs just add the word “healthy” into posts just so it will be more searchable. Make sure to look at ALL ingredients in the recipes when picking. Pinterest is a great resource, but again when typing in “healthy recipes,” be aware!

Hold onto your Favorite recipes! Like I said earlier, meal planning can be tedious and difficult the first few weeks, but you’ll begin to build your very own recipe library. I’m totally a creature of habit. I have a favorite 10-12 recipes that I repeat. Don’t be ashamed of that, there will be weeks where you have time to get creative when cooking. There will be days you’re short on time and happy you know how to whip up the quick recipe!

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