I've just moved to beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 

Meet Jillian

I picked a life in medicine, received a Master's in Kinesiology: Exercise Science, and quickly settled into a career involving injury prevention and active rehabilitation. Working as a Certified Athletic Trainer, I quickly found there is no better satisfaction than being a positive impact in a person’s life. Yet there's another side of me that feels so deeply connected to helping people find health in their lives.

As I was going through school, I personally was struggling with my own health! I left Oregon State Undergrad 15lbs overweight due to partying, eating poorly, and not taking any advice I learned in my health classes. I went on to grad school on scholarship where they had me teaching Masters Athletic Training classes, going to my own classes, and working with athletic teams full-time. Needless to say my health spiraled out of control and I became UNDERweight. People started confronting me about my noticeable decline in health and after months of tests I had formed a heart arrhythmia from stress, and became very anemic. I was diagnosed about 6 months before graduation. I'd like to call that rock bottom in my life. The one positive thing about rock bottom is there is no where to go but up, and that's exactly what I did. The rest is history!

Being a coach has allowed me to share my passion of helping others, keep myself accountable of my own health, and lead others through their successful fitness journey! Would you like to follow my daily journey? Add me on Facebook